The Diplomat’s Son

Hello fellow fantasy romance lovers! I am excited to say that I am working diligently on the next instalment of The Beast King Chronicles featuring our beloved rogue, Deryk Samyth.

For those who haven’t read the first book, The Reaper’s Contract, head on over to Kindle and pick it up for less than a cup of coffee, or read it for free as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber! If you haven’t read the first book, WARNING: THE REAPER’S CONTRACT SPOILERS AHEAD!

Where we left off with Samyth…

Last we saw Deryk Samyth was the surprise finale co-hero with his best friend since childhood, Luke Elgin. Samyth is spontaneous, deadly, roguish, and extremely charming. The perfect mix to get into a spot of trouble, don’t you think?

Not going to lie, Samyth was my absolutely favourite character to write in The Reaper’s Contract, which is why I was so excited to continue his story. He always seemed bored with his kingdom and the monotony of it. So, where does a roguish, bored, and charming individual belong?

The high seas of course.

I am sending Samyth off on an adventure to a distant land. But don’t worry, some old favourites will be coming in to make appearances. It was time to get Samyth off on his own, without the shadow of his brooding friend Elgin. There is sword-fights, kidnapping, and of course, a mysterious woman who piques our heroes interest. Samyth is in for the shock of a lifetime.

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Who was your favourite character? Are you excited to see Samyth in action? Sound off in the comments!


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