Sorry for the hiatus….

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus. Life gets a bit crazy sometimes. I realized I wasn’t writing as much as I wanted for The Diplomat’s Son. Taking the advice of the Create If Writing podcast (a good listen for all!), I put everything else aside so that I could focus on writing.

Yep, my writing is that messy.

Messy eh? Good thing I know what it all means! I admit my process would drive other writers crazy. Sometimes it drives me crazy.

What about you, fellow readers, writers, and creators? Are you a computer person or a hand-writer when it comes to the creative process? As you can see, I am a mixture of both. I’ll start on the computer, go to the pen, back to the computer, repeat. I’m picky about the pens, and they must flow nicely without being too inky! There is something about the pen gliding on paper that gets my creative ideas flowing!

Speaking of the flow of creative ideas, that brings me to the other aspect of why I had to step away from the blog – writer’s block. Writing The Diplomat’s Son I didn’t know where I wanted the story to go, and felt like I was forcing it. Taking time off to read other books and watch some movies, helped. But nothing helped more like sitting down with a pen and filling in the blanks!

How do you bust through writer’s or creative blocks? Would love some tidbits and advice!


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